Student summer jobs  can be important to find especially when you want to raise extra cash. However, it is really important to find the jobs that you are most suited for and happy with. You might be earning but if you aren’t happy, can you really enjoy your life. Of course, there are so many amazing jobs out there for you to consider but what are the top 50 jobs for students to consider this year?

Simple Summer Jobs with A Paper Route

One of the top student jobs this summer has to be a paper route. Now, this might not sound very appealing but actually this can be a really great way to earn cash this summer. There are many small and local newspapers that need help to deliver all of those newspapers as well as local convenient stores that may want help to deliver the morning papers.

Becoming a Nanny or Being a Babysitter

Many New York students job search for nanny and babysitting roles for the simple fact that they can earn lots of money. These are certainly some of the very best ways to earn cash this summer. Also, there is always someone looking for a babysitter. You can put up fliers or search for vacancies online.

Website Design and Ecommerce

Some of the top summer jobs have to do with web design! Now, this can be so difficult at times but if you have the skills and know how then you can start freelancing your skills. You can help to design websites and earn cash. There are really lots of good opportunities out there for web designers and if you can find them, you could earn good money.

Freelance Writing Summer Jobs

If you are a good writer, you can easily find some amazing writing gigs out there for you. Of course, it might seem really tough but if you start small, you can work your way up. Also, there are many good sites out there for you to consider using to help find some good writing opportunities.

Sell Homemade Cold Drinks

If you can make a good pitcher of ice tea, lemonade or any other type of cool drink, you could sell this. There is some money to be made selling refreshments from your home or in the local park or wherever you feel is best for you. Selling drinks is a great summer job for students to consider especially if you are an outgoing person who is good with sales.

Summer Jobs Painting Houses

If you are a dab hand with a paint brush, why not consider painting houses? This can be a really simple thing for you to try especially if you’re good with painting. You can easily put up fliers or paint the homes of your family, friends, and even neighbours to earn you some cash. Find more summer jobs here

Walk Dogs

Student’s job search can cover dog walking. This can be really simple and if you are good with dogs, this is going to be a great option for you to consider. Of course, walking dogs for money can earn you lots of money if you have lots of dogs so it’s one to consider.

Become a Cleaner

Cleaning may not sound too appealing but it can be a top student summer jobs to consider. It’s really easy and it’s a fast way to earn.

Become a Car Washer for Summer Jobs

Washing cars can earn you quite a bit if you are good at it. Remember, this is dealing with other people’s cars so you have to be very cautious. However, if you’re good, the people you clean for will tell others and they will bring their cars to you hopefully.

A Mystery or Personal Shopper

Students job search New York always stops on the mystery and personal shopper option. However, this can be a fantastic option for you to consider. The reason why is because you can get paid to shop! It’s that simple!

Try Pet Grooming

Grooming pets doesn’t need to be as complicated as it looks. If you bathe dogs and cats before, you could consider offering a pet grooming service for bathing dogs. These are great summer jobs to consider.

Gardening Summer Jobs Services

You can easily mow lawns or plant flowers. This has become a top summer job for students to consider because there is always someone looking to help mow the lawn or tend to their gardens.

Summer Jobs in Computing Technical Services

If you are good with computers and know all the techie stuff there is to know then working as a computer technician can be good. You can easily fix computers for spare cash.

Become a Counsellor

There are always people looking for extra help with counsellors. You don’t really need to have too much experience for this but it can be good for you to step up on the ladder. It’s a popular New York student’s job search.

Become a Messenger

Messenger student summer jobs are very popular today. You can easily pick up smaller items and courier them. There are many good messenger services out there for you to work along with.

Make Small Advertisements

Popular New York summer jobs like ads really are popular. There is a big call for advertisements today especially online and you could put your services into these.

Consider Farm Work

Summer jobs can be quite fun when you take up farm work. If you live locally to many farms then you could ask around to see if they need some help. You can help maintain the livestock and maintain the farm itself.

Become a House Sitter

House sitting student’s jobs search is very popular today. There are many great house sitting positions out there and for a few days worth of work or even a week or two, it can be very good earning potential. This is a top summer job to consider.

Become a Pet Sitter

Pet sitting can be good if you love pets. Summer jobs like these are sought after so much because it can be a great and simple way to earn money.

Tutor Younger Children

Popular student’s job search has to be to help out younger kids who might need some additional tutoring during the summer months. This has certainly become very popular over the last few years and you don’t need in fact many skills as long as you as good at history, maths or English.

Pool Maintenance

Student’s summer jobs such as pool maintenance can be really fun and simple. This is a good option as long as you know the basics about pool maintenance.

Fix Items from Home

There are plenty of broken items you can take in and repair from home. Of course, if you know how to repair things like bikes and computers, you can earn a good wage. This is great New York summer jobs to consider.


Become a Lifeguard at a Leisure Centre

If you are a strong swimmer you could become a lifeguard! This is certainly something that many people do consider. This is a top student’s job search result and it’s popular.

Help Around the Home

Student summer jobs can be difficult to find but you can earn money by helping around the home. It’s true; you can in fact earn cash by simply helping out around the home.

Buy Small Items to Resale

Good student summer jobs can come in the form of buying items to resell them. This is something many do but of course, it can vary as to whether you can be successful or not.

Make Your Own Arts And Crafts and Sell

Arts and crafts Students job search are certainly a popular job for many students this year. There are many great homemade arts and craft projects you can consider making to sell. This can be really profitable if you’re good with crafts.

Work At the Local Grocery Store

Popular New York summer jobs come in the form of working at the local grocery store. You can easily stack shelves or serve on the tills. There are lots of roles to fill at a grocery store.

Work In a Bistro or Restaurant

Summer jobs working in a bistro can be really fun. You can find there are lots of roles to fill and that you can truly enjoy meeting and greeting new people.

Work In the Movie Theatres

If you love movies, working in the movie theatre could be a great option for you to consider. A popular student job search is the local movie theatres for the simple fact that it’s fun. You can get discounts to see the latest movies and you earn good money as well.

Work In a Department Store

A department store is huge and you can find there are lots of big name stores that are on the lookout for new recruits. You can find amazing student summer jobs here and you can really find you can start from the bottom and work your way up the ladder.for more Job Lists, visit this link.

Summer Jobs in the Mall

The mall is huge usually and that means you have lots of options to consider. You can easily find a role within your mall and its one popular summer jobs for you to consider.

Work In an Arcade

Arcades can be fun establishments to work in. If you are a big lover of games then you could look for student’s job search at the local arcade. It can be a great way for you to get involved with the games you love more.


Create Your Own Delivery Service

Student Summer Jobs such as owning your own delivery service can be really fun and profitable. You can start off with small packages and work your way up.

Become a Sales Consultant in a Toy Store

New York summer jobs in a toy store can be very popular and simple. As long as you know basic information about the latest toys and are good with kids because you will have to deal with them from time to time, you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Work In a Clothing Store

Summer jobs working in clothing store is certainly very popular. You are going to find that there are many good stores looking for additional sales people to help around the store. Many stores also need extra help when it comes to keeping the store clean and count stock as well.

Fast Food Restaurants

Top summer jobs in New York come in the form of fast food restaurants. There is always a restaurant looking for a new waitress or server and you can easily pick up a job at a fast food place. You can find it earns OK money.

Repairing Roofs

A popular New York student’s job search has to be roofing repairs. There is a big call for repairmen and if you are skilled and know what you are doing, this could be an option for you. Of course, you could do this with an internship as well.

Masonry Work

Masonry work is actually a popular student summer jobs option for many people. Of course, you would need to be highly skilled but still it can be a great option for you to consider. If you’re good at it, why not give it a go?

Become an Extra or Model

Popular summer jobs do come in the form of acting extras and modelling work. It’s true; there are many people who love to make extra cash by being paid to be an extra on a TV or movie set for the day. It can be very fun and worthwhile especially if you’re looking to get into the showbiz business.

Work In an Office

When you work in an office you have lots of roles and responsibilities. Your role might be typing and secretarial skills such as answering the telephones and making appointments. There are lots of options to consider when it comes to working in an office; however, these can be great summer jobs to consider.

California Summer Jobs at the State Park

You mightn’t think you could work at a state park, however you can. There are lots of parks out there and the government’s needs lots of people to help maintain them. There are lots of jobs such as ensuring campsites are kept clean as well as helping caring for animals and dealing with campers.

Students Job Search with a Work Program

There are many great work programs throughout each city. You can take the responsibility of looking after children or even helping to maintain the city. This can be a great job to consider especially when it comes to getting your first job.

Sell Homemade Jewelry New York

One of the best jobs to consider has to be making your own jewelry and selling it on. If you are able to create some lovely pieces you can easily make bracelets or necklaces and sell them in a variety of locations. You can sell to family, friends, at swap meets or even online; there are lots of avenues open to sell your homemade items.

Helping Out At Church and Volunteer

Volunteering at your local church can be a great way to give something back to your local community. Student summer jobs working at churches can be very popular because you can help out so much. You can help to do some basic office things as well as help the priest in dealing with church activities such as cleaning the pews and so forth.

New York Student Summer Jobs with Animal Shelters

Some of the very best employment opportunities this summer have to be to work with animals. Animal shelters always need that extra help when it comes to feeding them or cleaning them. This isn’t dangerous animals but regular house pets such as dogs and cats; and you can easily help to bathe these animals. It can be very rewarding and fun especially if you love animals.

Skating Rinks

If you love to ice skate, working at the local rink can be excellent summer jobs! You can help to keep the locker rooms clean and tidy as well as help to serve beverages at the snack bar. There are lots of options to consider at a skating rink.


Vending might not sound the most exotic type of work but actually it can be great option. This is one of the top summer jobs this year and you have a lot of options. You can vender in the local park or the beach and there can be a big need for concession stand vendors so you could find many options. You can choose to work with machines that you need to refill or help serve customers and deal with money as well.

Cleaning Windows

One amazing New York student’s job search has to be window cleaning. This is really one amazing job to consider because someone wants to have their windows cleaned at some time or another! You can start with family or friends and even move onto smaller businesses in order to earn some extra cash. The only things you need are a bucket and sponge and you can start!

Student Summer Jobs in Artist Work

If you are a good enough artist, there are plenty of jobs available for you! Really, it’s true; there are lots of amazing artist work for you to try including online design and paintings! If you are good enough artist, you could paint murals and all sorts really.


Unpaid and paid internships can be really great summer jobs for you to try! There is a whole host of amazing internships out there for you to try and even if it’s unpaid, it can be still a great summer job for you to consider. You can earn some valuable skill and learn on the job. If you are lucky enough, you can find some great paying internship as well.

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Work In a Second Hand Store

Charity stores and second hand stores always are on the lookout for help. Small businesses always need some help to come in and check the stock and clean the store as well. Sometimes, it can be so important for these smaller second hand stores to get some help to serve customers. It might not pay a lot but it’s a good job and one of the topNew York summer jobs to consider.

Become a Photographers Assistant

Professional photographers can always need some help when it comes to their work. They can need help to set up photographic equipment before and after shoots as well as help putting the subjects into the right pose. This is a good starting position for many potential photographers looking for a route into the business. These summer jobs are very popular in fact.

So Many Options of summer jobs

Of course, there are really lots of amazing options to consider when it comes to getting a summer job. However, these are the top 50 for you to consider and they can all be really great options. New York student summer jobs are amazing and these fifty can offer you so much choice.

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